Banks – Beggin For Thread

Active since May 2013, Banks has been slowly but surely etching her way onto the British music market. Zane Lowe has played her music. I have played her music (I used to have a radio show on my university's radio station; mainly involved making a fool out of myself in from of notable guests and listeners…Read more Banks – Beggin For Thread


Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

The King. Is. BACK. FYI I mean Ronson - don't get me wrong I love Bruno, but sadly he's not the one who wrote half the soundtrack to my effortlessly edgy teenage years. I joke, of course - the coolest thing about me 10 years ago was probably just my country of origin (Russia - keep…Read more Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

Lykke Li – No Rest for the Wicked

She's finally back! Swedish indie songstress Lykke Li has just released her new album I Never Learn  (in March but hey, I only just heard!) and it's all very wonderful and weird and pleasing to my ears. The vocals are deep and velvety and gentle all at the same time and the music is a…Read more Lykke Li – No Rest for the Wicked

Awkwafina – My Vag Ironically following a song about 'getting lucky and gettin' some', here comes the boldest, weirdest and also catchiest song ever written [about a vagina]. It's a parody of Mickey Avalon's 'My Dick', and in my opinion is a much better version of it. You may be shaking your head in disappointment, or raising both…Read more Awkwafina – My Vag

Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers – Get Lucky

Been absent for a while due to a total immersion in everything and anything that is Game of Thrones related. I've been putting off watching the cult HBO show since it first started, all due to the fact that I considered too akin to Lord of the Rings, and therefore boring and unnecessarily gory. OH…Read more Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers – Get Lucky

Paramore – Still Into You, MV Analysis

Hi folks, below is a video post of good music. (Tryin' to keep it short and sweet -we've a lot of ground to cover.) This is yet ANOTHER music post because I don't really feel like discussing how much I love/hate Thatcher and/or how much she deserves/doesn't deserve a state funeral. I just don't have…Read more Paramore – Still Into You, MV Analysis

Hey Monday – Candles See, AS PROMISED, a music post every day. (hopefully they won't start decreasing in quality, as subjective a measure as that may be) Remember the days when Panic! at the Disco were the new craze and Paramore were teen royalty? Remember the hours spent soaked in the rain, queuing in the afternoon to get…Read more Hey Monday – Candles

Tove Lo – Love Ballad

I'm back! I realise I'm not the most committed of bloggers, but I will try my best to post regularly from now on, even if all my posts turn into just videos of goats screaming because my life is so uneventful. Having finally published a serious rant on current affairs (Why Are Feminists So Annoying?)…Read more Tove Lo – Love Ballad

Bastille feat. Ella – No Angels I realise I risk sounding repetitive by posting songs by the same artist so soon after one another BUT, in my defence... Just listen to this song. I promise you, you will want to play it again once it ends. Be you a 90s baby, or appreciate good mixes, or admit to listening to…Read more Bastille feat. Ella – No Angels