Lykke Li – No Rest for the Wicked

She's finally back! Swedish indie songstress Lykke Li has just released her new album I Never LearnĀ  (in March but hey, I only just heard!) and it's all very wonderful and weird and pleasing to my ears. The vocals are deep and velvety and gentle all at the same time and the music is a…Read more Lykke Li – No Rest for the Wicked


Tove Lo – Love Ballad

I'm back! I realise I'm not the most committed of bloggers, but I will try my best to post regularly from now on, even if all my posts turn into just videos of goats screaming because my life is so uneventful. Having finally published a serious rant on current affairs (Why Are Feminists So Annoying?)…Read more Tove Lo – Love Ballad

Bastille – Flaws

So a lot has happened since I last posted. I realise I haven't posted anything in a while, and for that I really am sorry (based on the assumption that somebody actually reads these mindless self-indulgent rants regularly). Having started this academic year (my last year as an undergraduate at LSE - too soon to…Read more Bastille – Flaws

Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World

I first heard this tune on an episode of the new CBS sit-com Partners (it's the theme song), but my friends tell me it was also featured on the FIFA 2013 PC game. Hope you like their stuff as much as I do, I like to think they have a promising future. Apparently I missed…Read more Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World

INK – Ink Goes On

Great late night/early morning pick-me-upper. London born'n'bred, sounds like Lykke Li and looks like that J2O advert where everyone has a cat/dog face. Given that that's one of my all time favourite adverts, these kids could be banging saucepans and I'd still love the video - but the fact that they sound like toddler giggles…Read more INK – Ink Goes On

Half Man Half Biscuit – 24 Hour Garage People

I stumbled across this old gem the other day at work (at work, don't you know) and it made me feel all warm and nostalgic. This is the sort of song you should belt out in the shower or at a camp fire as you tunelessly strum a guitar to impress someone. If you don't…Read more Half Man Half Biscuit – 24 Hour Garage People