Currently Listening: my June Top 25

Cos it's summer, innit. Because Spotify is a wee bit poopy, I couldn't find some tracks I'm really liking at the moment on their database. I will be uploading them as separate 'song of the day' posts over the coming week, don't you fret. This is why I'm still so reluctant to completely switch…Read more Currently Listening: my June Top 25


Russian-style Pancakes: Recipe

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A BLINIS RECIPE. What you English-speaking philistines call 'blinis' are a poor shit-stain excuse for Russian pancakes. In Russia, blini (blini already being the plural of the word blin aka 'pancake' in Russian, it's unclear why the addition of an '-s' is necessary...) are regular-sized thin pancakes served on their own…Read more Russian-style Pancakes: Recipe