FREE Breakfast anyone?

Yeah, that's right. Free breakfast. Remember how I said I'm gonna help you be cheap? Directions: Print out the voucher found at the bottom of the page (link, y'all). Trek on over to Sophie's Steakhouse in Fulham Road on the weekend and prepare to STUFF. YO. FACE. To be honest food was quite meh (or…Read more FREE Breakfast anyone?


The Grand Bazaar – Review

NEWSFLASH, everybody - vegetarian food can taste good too! My veggie friend took me out for late bday lunch to this hideaway meze place this week, and although the restaurant has a wide range of both meaty and veggie dishes, I choose the green platter option out of solidarity for my peep. Not only was…Read more The Grand Bazaar – Review

London on the Cheap

So after a recent conversation with a friend of mine, I realised that there's a massive section my blog is missing - cheap things to do in London. Living on a student budget has made me weary of the dreaded price tag on things, but this has also meant that looking for a more affordable…Read more London on the Cheap