Banks – Beggin For Thread

Active since May 2013, Banks has been slowly but surely etching her way onto the British music market. Zane Lowe has played her music. I have played her music (I used to have a radio show on my university's radio station; mainly involved making a fool out of myself in from of notable guests and listeners…Read more Banks – Beggin For Thread


Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

The King. Is. BACK. FYI I mean Ronson - don't get me wrong I love Bruno, but sadly he's not the one who wrote half the soundtrack to my effortlessly edgy teenage years. I joke, of course - the coolest thing about me 10 years ago was probably just my country of origin (Russia - keep…Read more Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

Why I Can’t Write: Wrangling with Writer’s Block

An Internal Monologue of Indeterminable Length or Sorry Mr. Orwell, I know this is not what you wanted I can’t write. I just can’t do it. Just write something. Just pick up a pen and DO IT ALREADY. Writing, or convincing myself to do so, often feels like trying to swat a persistent and scarily…Read more Why I Can’t Write: Wrangling with Writer’s Block

Restaurant Review – Abeno, Museum Street

Summed up a in sentence:  There's more to Japanese food than just sushi, aight? Pass me that spatula. A stone's throw away from the British Museum  and right down the road from Tottenham Court Road station, sits this tiny gem of a Japanese restaurant - Abeno. Abeno is no ordinary Japanese restaurant - unlike most,…Read more Restaurant Review – Abeno, Museum Street