Russian-style Pancakes: Recipe

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A BLINIS RECIPE. What you English-speaking philistines call 'blinis' are a poor shit-stain excuse for Russian pancakes. In Russia, blini (blini already being the plural of the word blin aka 'pancake' in Russian, it's unclear why the addition of an '-s' is necessary...) are regular-sized thin pancakes served on their own…Read more Russian-style Pancakes: Recipe


Cafe Review – Tinderbox Espresso Bar, Angel

Summed up in a sentence: Plugs, plugs everywhere! I’m writing this with great reluctance – Tinderbox is already popular enough with the locals and gets pretty busy during the peak grazing hours: 4-6pm. Nevertheless, I would feel like I’d somehow failed my virtual audience if I didn’t report on this cozy new find of mine.…Read more Cafe Review – Tinderbox Espresso Bar, Angel

Restaurant Review – Abeno, Museum Street

Summed up a in sentence:  There's more to Japanese food than just sushi, aight? Pass me that spatula. A stone's throw away from the British Museum  and right down the road from Tottenham Court Road station, sits this tiny gem of a Japanese restaurant - Abeno. Abeno is no ordinary Japanese restaurant - unlike most,…Read more Restaurant Review – Abeno, Museum Street

FREE Breakfast anyone?

Yeah, that's right. Free breakfast. Remember how I said I'm gonna help you be cheap? Directions: Print out the voucher found at the bottom of the page (link, y'all). Trek on over to Sophie's Steakhouse in Fulham Road on the weekend and prepare to STUFF. YO. FACE. To be honest food was quite meh (or…Read more FREE Breakfast anyone?

The Grand Bazaar – Review

NEWSFLASH, everybody - vegetarian food can taste good too! My veggie friend took me out for late bday lunch to this hideaway meze place this week, and although the restaurant has a wide range of both meaty and veggie dishes, I choose the green platter option out of solidarity for my peep. Not only was…Read more The Grand Bazaar – Review

The Riding House Cafe – Review

My friend and I have our very own monthly Breakfast Club going on - we meander around the city, constantly on the look-out for cosy places with the tastiest (and hopefully affordable on a student budget) brekkie grub. Our first pit-stop turned out to be this trendy cafe in Great Titchfield Street (5 mins walk…Read more The Riding House Cafe – Review

The Hummingbird Bakery – mini Review

Before y'all bust a nut over how shit I've been at posting, keep this in mind - I am about to talk about cupcakes. Yeah, you heard correctly; this shit just got real. Like 'Bruce Willis in Die Hard' real. Ok, so for some reason there's this extreme, over-played, ERMAHGERD obsession with cutesy, pink cupcakes…Read more The Hummingbird Bakery – mini Review