Active since May 2013, Banks has been slowly but surely etching her way onto the British music market. Zane Lowe has played her music. I have played her music (I used to have a radio show on my university’s radio station; mainly involved making a fool out of myself in from of notable guests and listeners but new music was also involved).

Conclusion: YOU should play her music. Your ears will be like “errr what is this amazing sound, where have you been hiding this” and you will be like “I know, ears – I’m sorry I let you down. I should be on top of things like this” and the ears would reply “fo sho. And while we’re at it – quit with the ear buds.” And then we’ll all go on with our day, wondering what it would be like if our body parts could talk. Or maybe just me, whatever.

Anywhooo, give it a play. You’ll see what I – and your ears – mean.  She’s enchanting. 



Banks’ album Goddess is out now and available to stream on Spotify. Banks is playing a gig in Manchester on 25th November and tickets are available here


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