The King. Is. BACK.

FYI I mean Ronson – don’t get me wrong I love Bruno, but sadly he’s not the one who wrote half the soundtrack to my effortlessly edgy teenage years. I joke, of course – the coolest thing about me 10 years ago was probably just my country of origin (Russia – keep up fool). Mark Ronson however was – and remains, in my mind at least – the most underrated musician of the last decade. Seeing him working on new music again makes me proud like a sassy mamma gorilla (or equivalent, whatever).

I think I need to cut this short before it turns into a rambling essay on how much I love french horns – give it a listen and judge for yourselves. Here’s an uplifting, sassy tune produced by Mark Ronson, performed by Bruno Mars, and touched by the hand of God, no big dealIt’s also catchier than all venereal diseases combined.

Thoughts on the video:

  • Bruno Mars = male version of Beyonce? His sass level =10000; my enjoyment level watching Bruno Mars exhibit said sass= 10000000000000
  • Favourite lyric:”I’m too hot (hot damn) – make a dragon wanna retire, man”. Will try and use this in daily conversation at least once this week.
  • New lifetime goal unlocked: BE Mark Ronson’s quiff.
  • So are the 80s, like, cool…again?

Spoiler alert: Ronson is currently working on a new album – a first in 4 years. Uptown Funk, the record’s lead single, is released on 11 January and the album, Uptown Special, is out on 26 January. 

Testing my patience ffs… I WANT IT NOW (legally).



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