Cos it’s summer, innit.

Because Spotify is a wee bit poopy, I couldn’t find some tracks I’m really liking at the moment on their database. I will be uploading them as separate ‘song of the day’ posts over the coming week, don’t you fret. This is why I’m still so reluctant to completely switch to Spotify – I’d rather use up memory on my computer by downloading songs than miss out on them altogether. It’s particularly shitty if you want to listen to remixes or foreign music. Sorry, rant over.

Disclaimer: this playlist makes NO SENSE genre-wise. As a means of figuring out what goes on inside my head – well then, I guess it’s pretty insightful. On the bright side, there’s literally something for everyone on this playlist.

And yes, not all of these songs are NEW music (who cares). Now go to the park, buy some ice cream and plug this in before the weather turns to shite again.

by Iriss via

by Iriss via

You’re welcome.


[Featured image is by Bethan from]


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