My Queen – Lykke Li

She’s finally back! Swedish indie songstress Lykke Li has just released her new album I Never Learn  (in March but hey, I only just heard!) and it’s all very wonderful and weird and pleasing to my ears. The vocals are deep and velvety and gentle all at the same time and the music is a perfect marriage between a solid electronic beat and a fine-tuned string orchestra. I know it sounds weird but honestly – just give it a listen. It’s a GREAT kind of weird.

When you were younger did you ever go to a lake and throw pebbles along the water to try and see who would get one to bounce the farthest? Well to me her voice sounds like the combination of sound and the satisfaction you feel when a pebble finally drops to the bottom after repeatedly only slicing at the water surface (that is, assuming you were any good at stone throwing). But maybe that’s just me – does anyone else connect feeling and sound from a song with a visual/vivid memory? I assume so. I digress.

Her first single from the new (third) album –

And of course…the song that started my Swedish music craze (Lykke Li may or may not be merely the tip of my IKEA-store-sized obsession iceberg) back in 2008.

Friggin ROBYN is in this. ROBYN. Damn, I love Sweden.

Another favourite of mine if you’re looking for a place to start –

Lykke Li’s album I Never Learn is on sale everywhere already, but you can also listen to it here (link takes you to a spotify playlist and info on the artist).

Happy midweek listening!




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