Yoann Lemoine, creates wonderful music under the name of Woodkid, and freelances as a music video director and graphic designer. He’s also well-known for his hit track Iron, is French, and probably most known for directing videos for Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, and Taylor Swift’s Back to December. Oh and apparently that sweet sweet sound playing our of your speakers is called neofolk (go figure – I never could understand progressive genre names anyway).

I feel like this is kind of cheating because I’m posting two videos on one post but please understand – it’s because he’s THAT good. I only wish I’d heard of his music sooner, because I’m currently really enjoying his album, maybe a little too much. I just hope I don’t overplay it like I have a tendency to do with good music.  The album is called The Golden Age if you want to check it out on Spotify –  sadly a little overlooked in the UK, only ever reaching no. 38 in the charts, unlike his success Europe.

This is Iron (featured on quite a few TV shows apparently – my friend swears in was on Teen Wolf, but I don’t watch it so can’t really confirm…)

And this is I Love You

Enjoy your mid-week excuse to procrastinate :)


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