Yes, I’ve now officially become lazy enough to refer to Christmas as ‘Xmas’, sadly both in written and spoken form. Perhaps because I’ve reached my maximum level of indifference, or perhaps because I’m like that guy in that early noughties MV who needs a robot to change TV channels (you know the one, it’s a classic). There’s also a third viable option, one which would also conveniently explain my shameless absence from blogging – I’ve been too darn busy, y’all.

Nah, it’s definitely the laziness.

Anywhooo, in attempt to remedy my sporadic presence online, I’m going to commit to posting interesting things on here AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. That may not sound like a lot, but let it be known that creative genius cannot be forced! (Etc. etc.)  I’ve actually started up a tumblr for all my quick posts, re-blogs and picture posts that negate the need for explanation (most of the content on here fits that bracket to be honest).  Shameless personal plug – for all your immediate ‘crazy rant’ needs, and if you’d like them shortened to 140 characters, I have twitter too (@aleona_k). There’s a neat hyperbolic one on Xmas films, The Holiday in particular (on twitter, I won’t relaunch on here).

So loved-up and Christmassy...PFFFT

So loved-up and Christmassy…PFFFT

I will thus primarily try to reserve this space for reviews, new music and other London happenings, as was originally intended. All other bleurgh thoughts and rambles (and humour, innit) will be diverted to the tumblr thingy, which I’m still figuring out (any tips and suggestions welcome but no penis drawings please, unless specifically requested). Unfortunately I’ve yet to go and do something worth writing about (stuff already done is too dated for reviewing: ah the bane of my existence – no longer being relevant. Like someone who still uses AOL or something). So no reviews for the time being, my sweets. I do have one interesting/sad piece of news – saw a familiar face in Covent Garden earlier this week, walking around looking like he’d seen a ghost, or at the very least/worst depending on how you look at it – a ghost’s vagina. I didn’t recognise Mr. Sad’n’Pale straight away, but a quick google revealed his identity –

Tom Hiddleston – SHO SHO HANDSHUM

He’s currently playing Coriolanus in Shakespeare’s eponymous play at the Donmar Warehouse (I’m not encouraging more fandom so no link for you, you pervs!). My new tumblr discovery informs me not only that he’s got a very large female fan base, but that most of them are at least somewhat unhinged (trolololo summary of everything in the comments section of this blog here). Which, you know, explains the “I’ve just seen ghost bits and I don’t know how I feel about it” facial expression I saw him with i.e. a combination of terrified and tired. He also looks like he seriously needed a sandwich, but alas, the sandwich ambulance were nowhere to be seen, and the poor man remains underfed. He may even be homeless (probably not homeless). Conclusion: Someone BUY HIM A SANDWICH.


I will end on a high note (ehehehe) by drawing attention to the most recent news from across the pond: Uruguay has just passed a bill legalising cannabis (a HIGH note, geddit? Eheheheheh), and has become the first country to legalise cannabis production and sales. The initiative is the government’s attempt to battle drug trafficking with an economic rather than combative method – pushing drug cartels out of business through competition, given that policing has become useless. I’m interested to see how this will all pan out, as this will invariably act as leading example to all other nations battling with the problems of drug trafficking and drug-related crime (so basically everywhere). A basic article on the news story from the Guardian (my affair with left wing press continues to bloom) can be found here. If you’re unsure of your views on legalising marijuana, perhaps this video can shed some light on the affects it has on human beings. Failing that, it just seems like the opportune time to rehash this old gem. 

Signing off for now, chaps. xoxo


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