Been absent for a while due to a total immersion in everything and anything that is Game of Thrones related. I’ve been putting off watching the cult HBO show since it first started, all due to the fact that I considered too akin to Lord of the Rings, and therefore boring and unnecessarily gory.

OH HOW WRONG I WAS. I will probably follow this with a separate post on Game of Thrones (it’s halfway through the third season now FYI, if you’re thinking about it), but will keep my posts musical for now.

Daft Punk are finally back with a new album and this is their first single, released only a couple of days ago. Hope you enjoy this reminder that a) Daft Punk kick ass and b) Pharrell doesn’t just produce stuff, he also sings and grooves like the 21st century Jamiroquai that he is. And get this, the song broke records regarding the number of streaming plays on Spotify during a single day both in the UK and US. Craaaaazey.

As ever, comment/share/like below – I’m always interested to hear if you’ve heard any new tunes that make you jiggle/smile/sing/implode with joy.


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