Ironically following a song about ‘getting lucky and gettin’ some’, here comes the boldest, weirdest and also catchiest song ever written [about a vagina]. It’s a parody of Mickey Avalon’s ‘My Dick’, and in my opinion is a much better version of it.

You may be shaking your head in disappointment, or raising both hands up to the skies in a cry of outrage as you read this, but I cannot see you because I am too busy laughing/nodding along/gurgling to this song. In short, Listen To It before you judge it (and me for liking and recommending it).

Awkwafina is a newcomer MC from NYC (yeah, I can rhyme too) with fresh (not the gangsta kinda of ‘fresh’, literally just very refreshing) and punchy rhymes (e.g. ‘my vag speaks five different languages and told your vag, “bitch, go make me a sandwich”‘). Along with this song, she’s also got a hipster-bashing tune called ‘NYC Bitches‘ – worth a listen. Her lyrics are hilarious, tunes are catchy and anger – very visceral.

Also, it’s totally liberating and shit.


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