Paramore – Still Into You, MV Analysis

Hi folks, below is a video post of good music. (Tryin’ to keep it short and sweet -we’ve a lot of ground to cover.)

This is yet ANOTHER music post because I don’t really feel like discussing how much I love/hate Thatcher and/or how much she deserves/doesn’t deserve a state funeral. I just don’t have it in me. Plus, I’m much more enthralled by the release (finally) of Paramore’s new music video, Still Into You. They’re back after a bajillion year-long hiatus (after an awkward moment when two of the original band members quit and everyone found out that that the main singer is the only member of the band actually signed to the label…I like to think that millions of emo-clad 15 year olds cried the world over on that day). Today I’m taking a closer look at their newly released MV for the catchy tune, which in spite of what I’m about to write, I actually enjoy. Very very much.

So the video starts with a shot of our little hipster starlet jumping around on her bed, excited to be ‘still into’ her beau, after what we assume (although it is never clarified) is a very long time. That’s all great and dandy, the song sounds great but there is ONE thing bothering me – WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WAKES UP TO THAT MUCH CAKE?! How did that cake get there? Is she going to eat it all for breakfast? Either way, it’s definitely very unsafe to be jumping around that many lit candles.

Picture 6

We then follow Hayley out of her boudoir laden with cake and into what appears to be an abandoned stately home, which Miss Paramore and her friends turn into their own private hangout spot. Atop their bedazzled BMX bikes, they cruise across the lacquered parquet with childish glee and enthusiasm. This is undoubtedly what unemployment in Shoreditch looks like.

Interestingly, Hayley is dressed like a K-Pop fairy, and her hipster bandmates look like extras they’d plucked out of the queue outside of an East London sex clinic. She also appears to have yellow goo running down her legs – this we’ll investigate later.

Picture 9

They ride into a room filled with NOTHING (how very minimalist of them) but confetti and a lonely disco ball, and Hayley hops off the bike to continue spinning around like a jovial nutter on acid. It’s all very sweet and endearing and we love how into it she’s getting, whilst the sex clinic boys are cycling cirles on their bikes. How rad.

Picture 13

It all clearly becomes a little bit too much and Hayley falls to the floor. Now I don’t know if this was planned, but she’s certainly trying to make the best out of a fall if it wasn’t.

Picture 14

She even tries to win more face-time with the camera man by showing him her jacket. At this point the BMX hipsters are going out of their mind, performing various tricks and probably yodelling simultaneously, but still…the lens continues to point to the girl with the yellow goo on her legs.

It looks like one of the bikers fell over because in this upcoming shot there’s just a bike on the floor…no hipster. The other is pulling some serious parkour shit on the back wall, but the camera man is still more interested in Hayley’s jacket.

Picture 15

Next scene – Hayley is surrounded by Swan Lake-esque ballerinas in a ballroom filled only with small white tents. Even the ballerinas are edgy in this video, because they like to wear ear muffs to stand out from other Bolshoi troupes, and they only dance in the presence of white tents. Williams continues to spin in circles and jump around the ballerinas until even that backdrop tires her out.

Picture 20

She continues her adventure in a boat conveniently placed in a sea of blue balloons. But worry not – her dullard bandmates are here to fill the scene and make her look more interesting. To protect her from all the balloons, Hayley is clutching a pink parasol.

I feel almost silly pointing this out, but if this situation were real, holding oars and standing OUTSIDE of the boat (i.e. in the water) is most definitely not going to save those poor chaps. Just like the time Leo wasn’t allowed to get on the raft, 2/3 of Paramore are ousted out of the boat and are forced to battle the balloon waves for their lives.

Picture 22

Presumably to distract us from their looming balloon deaths, we are shown another clip of our K-pop princess being the centre of attention, this time within her ballerina friend circle, who she’s obviously very tight with now because they’re seen playing a very beautiful game of Piggy in the Middle. Hayley is clearly winning because all the ballerinas are throwing imaginary balls and not even all the Ketamine in the world can stop this girl.

Picture 24

We are given one last glimpse of the boat. WHAT DID I TELL YOU?! The blue balloon sea has swallowed up our insipid friends, but Hayley stands strong and fierce, yelling at the top of her lungs into the camera. Perhaps she’s yelling “WHERE IS MY PARASOL?!”

Picture 29

But what is THIS I see? The Paramore boys are alive!..and clutching sparklers in someone’s back yard. This is probably the most screen time these guys will get, so they make the most of it by not looking, not even being anywhere near the camera. If you watch this thing without sound it basically becomes a Hello Kitty marshmallow commercial.

Picture 36

Just when you think ‘Ah, that was a sweet way to end that music video, the hipster youths weren’t brutally murdered in a balloon flood’, I kid you not, the video turns into a montage of all of Hayley’s previous antics. Remember that time she danced around white tents with weird ballerinas? Wasn’t that fun?

The very last shot of the music video is a CLOSEUP OF HER LEGS. Therein, in that moment, the truth is revealed- the yellow gloop running down her legs is not yellow gloop at all. It’s leggings, cut up to look like yellow gloop trickling down a leg. OF COURSE.

Picture 37

Which is great tbh, I thought she’d just had this dude trapped between her legs all day or something.


So yeah, not a fan of the video…but loved the song! What do you think?

You can listen to Paramore’s new album (released earlier this week) for FREE on a site called Rdio here.


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