See, AS PROMISED, a music post every day. (hopefully they won’t start decreasing in quality, as subjective a measure as that may be)

Remember the days when Panic! at the Disco were the new craze and Paramore were teen royalty? Remember the hours spent soaked in the rain, queuing in the afternoon to get a place near the front of the stage at Give It A Name? Well, I do.

This song popped up on my iTunes today and made me smile a knowing smile. <3 Teenage Angst.

Although not a lover of the whole ‘where are they now’ segment, I feel almost obliged to point out that the lead singer of Hey Monday quit the band a few years back…in order to audition and consequently win the infamous US singing competition, The Voice. Granted, Hey Monday never hit the big time, but still. I DISAPPROVE.


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