I’m back! I realise I’m not the most committed of bloggers, but I will try my best to post regularly from now on, even if all my posts turn into just videos of goats screaming because my life is so uneventful. Having finally published a serious rant on current affairs (Why Are Feminists So Annoying?) like I promised a long, long time ago, I’m happy to return to some more light-hearted blogging. One of the things I’d missed the most during my Blog-binge Cleanse (just go with it) is of course my Song of the Day posts.

I promise to issue at least one a week until the end of time (or the Internet – whichever comes first).

This is one of my faves at the moment – at first glance, Tove Lo seems like a Swedish Binky look-alike  (any more Made in Chelsea fans out there?), with a penchant for paint and smearing make up across her face. Don’t judge too soon, friends – this song is as catchy as it is meaningful (probably). Or failing that, it’s just a collection of bleak similies awkwardly thrown together by Google Translate (need I remind you of Shakira’s Whenever, Wherever and Alphabeat’s 10,000 Nights?)

In any case, this song is VEEERY underrated and I hope this girl gets the attention she deserves from the fast-moving British music scene. Check out her other song, Habits below:

You see, not one song but TWO. I’m trying very hard to make it up to you guys…:-)


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