So a lot has happened since I last posted. I realise I haven’t posted anything in a while, and for that I really am sorry (based on the assumption that somebody actually reads these mindless self-indulgent rants regularly). Having started this academic year (my last year as an undergraduate at LSE – too soon to panic?) on a high note and at a remarkeably leisurely pace, I’ve now somehow ended up not only running a magazine, but also co-hosting a weekly radio show. I know very little of our listenership (or even if we have one), but you can catch up with previous episodes here and follow us on twitter/like our page on facebook etc. The show is a bittersweet mixture of weekly news, bad jokes, and good music (subjective, agreed). It’s only an hour long, so give it a listen if you have some free time.

Flaws is Bastille’s most recent single, and a very interesting one at that. Great arrangement (more than 5 minutes thought went into this, methinks), charming and quirky music video, and of course – vocals simple enough to bop along to, but also seem to struck some sort of chord as well. All in all – definite ‘Yes’ from me. You’ll probably see more of them soon – I’m bound to be posting more about Bastille in the near future.

Bastille are playing at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London on 28th and 29th March. Tickets @ £13 here.


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