FREE Breakfast anyone?

Yeah, that’s right. Free breakfast. Remember how I said I’m gonna help you be cheap?

Print out the voucher found at the bottom of the page (link, y’all). Trek on over to Sophie’s Steakhouse in Fulham Road on the weekend and prepare to STUFF. YO. FACE.

To be honest food was quite meh (or what we ordered anyway – annoyingly the eggs royale at the table next to us looked delicious), but the staff were lovely and the atmosphere was perfect for a Sunday brunch. Plus the coffee was great.

Below are some pictures (phone camera permitting). We had a full English, pancakes with scrambled eggs (because we’re weird), a cappuccino, a black americano and some English Breakfast tea. All this teamed with the complimentary freshly squeezed OJ we were greeted with at the door. A nom nom nom.

NB If you’re brave, you can even get STEAK with your English breakfast…we dare ya.

This offer is valid until 4th November. Click here to view the voucher.


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