The Grand Bazaar – Review

NEWSFLASH, everybody – vegetarian food can taste good too! My veggie friend took me out for late bday lunch to this hideaway meze place this week, and although the restaurant has a wide range of both meaty and veggie dishes, I choose the green platter option out of solidarity for my peep. Not only was it delicious enough to warrant a return visit, but I was also blown away with the interior of this cute little hideaway.

Located near the buzzing Oxford Street (closest tube: Bond Street), the Grand Bazaar is sandwiched between a bunch of Italian restaurants just off James Street, on St. Christopher’s Place. Their shifty-looking website aside, the restaurant is cosy, with friendly staff and a very long list of both vegetarian and meat dishes. Prices can range from £6 to £9 per meze dish, but they also offer lunch menus (serving the burgers, pizzas and fries that the simplistic taste palette of tourist shoppers prefers) and set meze meals (a large platter of 8-9 different mezes) for the more adventurous clientele. We chose the latter (approx £10 each) and ended up having to pace ourselves due to the large amount of food and wine in front of us. All in all, not too shabby for a meal out, and was impressive enough to turn me onto Turkish food. I want to come back there and eat EVERYTHING. Although maybe not in one sitting…

Two thumbs up for the Grand Bazaar.

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P.S. Apologies for the photo quality…I really should start carrying a camera around with me. Or at least get Instagram/an iPhone to fit in with all the trendy folk. #awkward


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