The Riding House Cafe – Review

My friend and I have our very own monthly Breakfast Club going on – we meander around the city, constantly on the look-out for cosy places with the tastiest (and hopefully affordable on a student budget) brekkie grub. Our first pit-stop turned out to be this trendy cafe in Great Titchfield Street (5 mins walk North from Oxford Circus, you knob-ends. Seriously, losers – get a map).

Note: For legal reasons I will point out that this Breakfast Club idea is a) not an attempt to copy-cat a certain American diner mass chain conglomerate and b) is most definitely a way of appreciating the artistry and talent of John Hughes. If my life were a John Hughes movie, I’d be the most self-indulgent, ignorant and handsome teen that ever lived. But I’d also be cool, American and would get to eat a lot of bacon.

We were there for quite a while, having a good old chin-wag, so we polished off:

  1. berry smoothies (£4.50), served in glass milk bottles, just what the doctor milkman ordered,
  2. buttermilk pancakes with berry compote, maple syrup and clotted cream (£6.50)
  3. eggs royale (SALMON!), with hollandaise sauce and all that jazz (a whopping £9)
  4. COFFEE – something called a Cortado for me, and a boring old Macchiato for Elli.

So first things first – the eggs at this place are AMAZING; perfect sauce, perfect poached eggs, and lots of salmon of course (salmon has no imperfections – it is the Ryan Gosling of fish). In fact, those eggs were so good, I wanted to crawl inside one. However, had I known the portion size, I probably wouldn’t choose to splurge £9 for the two egg/English muffin combo.

The pancakes were much better value for money, nice and fluffy and served with some seriously intense berry juice, maple syrup (if it were up to me, I would bleed maple syrup) and, here’s the downer…clotted cream. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m as much a lover of clotted cream as the next person, but I am also well aware that it’s one step away from butter, and waaaay too creamy for those pancakes. Mascarpone, or whipped cream, or ice cream even, seriously people ANYTHING but clotted cream/butter. Had to scrape that stuff off because I don’t want a heart attack at the age of…(REALLY? A lady never tells her true age; unless she’s completely pissed, or in the passport office with a gun to her head…standard proceedings in the Motherland).

Drinks-wise, the smoothie stuff is delish – definitely worth the golden coins, and I’m seriously considering going back to try all the other legit flavours they’re offering, such as the mysterious “Rickshaw” – pineapple, apple, strawberry and lime. Likewise with the coffees – having recently turned into a coffee-snob (I worked at a cafe for two months this summer, coffee was my fuel/life) I can really appreciate a nice brew nowadays. The Cortado is genius – an espresso shot with some warm milk to cancel out a bit of the acidity. If you’re a wimp like me and can’t down espresso shots straight, this is definitely an option for you.

Here are some pics – Instagram, bitchez.

Their address: 43-51 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7PQ,


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