The Enigma That Is Dalston Superstars

I’ve seen the likes of Made in Chelsea (Season 3 is starting back up on Channel 4 tonight, by the way. It’s on at 10pm, but whatever, I don’t care), The Only Way Is Essex, and even glimpsed a bit of Geordie Shore once (never have I felt so angry about wasting five minutes of my own time). The notion of mock/scripted reality TV is sweeping the nation, and has been since earlier last year. I’m crazy about the idea (there’s very little cultural enlightenment in learning about vajazzling, if you ask me), but I will concur with many others in saying that the English shows have been a massive improvement on their American cousins across the pond – The Hills, Laguna Beach etc. etc. If you ask me, their US counterparts are all complete tosh because they lack the one quality all British shows possess, in one form or another; the ability to make fun of itself/not take itself too seriously.

And this is where Dalston Superstars comes in. The UK’s branch of mass media conglomerate and every hipster’s wet dream, Vice, took it upon itself to tap into a new niche market. Thus, in Autumn 2011 a mini web series following a group of young East London creatives was born: I give you Dalston Superstars.

There is little I can say to explain the project in the way it deserves to be. Essentially, it’s a mockumentary about five 20-somethings living their weird, obscure lives in London’s hipster hub, Dalston. If you’re familiar with this ‘way of life’, you will find this short series as hilarious as I did. If you’ve somehow managed to live your life in London, never once wondering down Camden High Street or Brick Lane, never having experienced Swag in the way that it should be, and never having been exposed to this fashion trend since your time here, then trust me – you will still find Dalston Superstars hilarious. If anything, you may even was to dabble with the alternative lifestyle yourself for a short while. Just remember – these are all real people, most of them with real jobs, giving you a glimpse of their (slightly exaggerated) daily lives purely for your entertainment. Just like the cast of Made in Chelsea/TOWIE etc., these folks live the lifestyle they showcase (or at least a very close equivalent), but they’re the small group of individuals who have the balls to showcase it to the rest of the world. And yes, to laugh at it with us.

The original links to the 4 episodes (only approx <10 minutes each) can be found on the Vice webpage, and Episode 1 can be found here.

NB If I appear a little defensive and protective in the last paragraph of this article, it’s mainly because I understand these guys have received a lot of criticism for the show, so I guess I just wanted to stipulate that it’s all done in good fun and in the interest of our entertainment. In short, if you take yourself too seriously, you risk sounding like an ass.



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