Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money

Yes, the song title doesn’t sound particularly promising (especially given my own situation – I’m a broke student, so in principle don’t have any money to ‘fuck with’), but the Sun is out, there’s a small park less than a 10-minute walk from my dreary flat, and I CANNOT STAND THIS REVISION. So I bailed for a couple of hours and went to sit on the grass with a friend of mine. And this feel-good beat is what got me into this happy state in the first place – further proof that a song doesn’t have to be off the charts to be good.

These guys are really great, with a very 80s-pop vibe about them, and this mix is just the uplifting tune I needed on my walk back (to my horrid lair of despair).

Make sure you listen to this mix, and this mix only. The original track is disappointing in comparison. If you happen to like these fellas, I heard they’re playing Lovebox in July.


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