Animals Doing Stupid Things

Ok, let’s face it. There are many of us who have spent hours and hours on end, looking at cute pictures of pugs or watching cats fall off window sills. Friends, this is nothing to be ashamed of! Treat this as your safe space, your sanctuary, your page for all things animal-related. Feeling low? Watch a short video of a puppy trying to get up – you’re guaranteed to make yourself feel better!

Top 10 Sources of Pure Joy:

1. – I love all things animal-related on this site. Pugs, sloths and cats are definitely worth searching. Otherwise, just have a browse through their endless gallery of animal humiliation and/or cuteness. Check out The 30 Most Important Cats of 2011 and 20 Cats as Fonts.

\ 2. – A site of animated cat gifs, most of which are on a loop. My favourite is this one –

3. That baby monkey video that went viral – if you still haven’t seen this video, you truly have been living under a rock for the past year. As is the case with most animal videos, I can’t really explain it. You just have to watch it.


PS The song is incredibly catchy, so don’t be alarmed if you find yourself singing it as you go about your day for the next couple of weeks – believe me, we’ve all been there.

4. Food on My Dog  – a gallery of photos that’s updated on a daily basis. Think of it as a picture blog of Tiger, and her love for posing with food on her head. Cheap knock-offs include Stuff on My Cat, but it’s nowhere near as enjoyable as photos of a dog with a ham on her head.

5. Improving classical paintings with cats – because we’ve all been there; we’ve all wondered what Rembrandt’s Danae would look like if a ginger cat got involved. If it’s any consolation, it looks wonderful. It’s websites like these which make me incredibly proud of being Russian. Check it out here.

6. This koala meme, simply because it’s so badass –

7. Mishka, the talking dog – a dog that actually talks to you? Not only that, but a dog that will tell you she loves you? For all those in need of additional affection.

8. Puppy tries to get up. Needs no further explanation.

9. Animals in bread – No, not ‘inbred’, IN BREAD. As in, somehow made to fit inside, or partially inside, of a bread roll, baguette or any other baked good. For completely unknown reasons, this became a worldwide trend a couple of weeks back, and has only gained in popularity ever since. Ones I’m aware of:

Cats: ‘Putting bread on your cat, so that people think you have a walking sandwich’ facebook group – the gallery has over 20,000 photos and growing.

Dogs: The famous pugloaf can be viewed here. Not for the faint-hearted.

and even Fish:

10. And this is how you will react to at least one of the videos posted above –


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